Programme updates

Despite the coronavirus pandemic, here at Evergreen Africa life goes on for the villagers on Wanale Ridge.

Evergreen Africa aims to help relieve poverty in three main developmental areas.

Health: Training health workers and providing medical facilities and equipment.
Education: Building and supporting schools as well as teaching and other staff.
Income-Generation: Helping local people to establish and maintain a source of income.

Our latest educational programme is a ladies health awareness initiative, educating ladies in the villages on menstrual health. Click here to read more

The main operational area of Evergreen Africa is on top and around the high slopes of Wanale Ridge. The ridge is one of the highest foothills of Mount Elgon. It is a volcanic mountain which receives rain most of the year, and its soils are very fertile meaning that, at one time, almost any crop could be grown there. Our coffee roasting programme is an initiative that not only helps grow coffee but we want to develop the ability to roast it too. Click here to read more 

If you would like to donate to our charity or volunteer  for us please get in contact.