Evergreen Africa recognises the importance of accountability to our donors, beneficiaries, partners and colleagues, and of delivering quality programmes in order to increase the effectiveness and impact of our international work.

1) We recognise the importance of taking account of the views, needs and capacities of our partners and the people in the poor communities we support so that the quality and effectiveness of our work is strengthened.

We achieve this by bringing together the various aid agencies and community leaders in the areas where we work and developing our plans with their guidance and agreement.

2) We recognise the importance of standing alongside poor and disadvantaged communities in solidarity and to increasing awareness and understanding of underlying causes of poverty.

We achieve this by communicating details of the work we do as widely as we can through a programme of presentations and events.

3) We recognise the importance of working in partnership for our work in international development. We are committed to quality, transparency, participation, openness and equality in our relationship with partners, and to promoting good partnership and accountability within the communities we serve.

We achieve this by constant attention to the detail of the work that is being conducted and the flow of funds. We engage local experts on project management and financial probity to scrutinise and report back to us on all the activities being carried out on our behalf.

4) We recognise the importance of being good stewards of all resources entrusted to us, openly accountable for our work, and professional in managing our resources.

We achieve this by a process of checks and balances which ensures that at least three people are involved in every decision leading to the expenditure of funds or the use of resources.

5) We recognise the importance of two-way communications with our supporters, and hearing their feedback – both positive and negative.

We achieve this by encouraging feedback, by an Annual General Meeting at which we expose all aspects of our work, and by publishing our activities as widely as possible.

Specific details in respect of any of these points can be obtained by contacting us at: We will willingly enter into a discussion concerning our conduct of any of our activities.