Village Savings & Loan Schemes

 Two village savings and loan schemes were established in 2014 and a further three in 2015, and are primarily aimed at the empowerment of women.  The concept is for members to save regularly and then for the funds saved to become an income-generator, usually by loaning at interest to a group member to start or grow a business.  Each scheme lasts 12 months and the profits are divided between the membership according to the amount saved.  The schemes are then re-established for a further 12 months.  The small contribution from Evergreen is a reward for success.

These schemes are proving a remarkable success and we are hearing many encouraging stories of scheme members who have started or enhanced businesses, sent children to school and onto higher level education etc etc.

Established groups are now self-sustaining, Evergreen intends to expand the overall programme across the Ridge in 2021 at a cost of £4,000