Raising Goats – an Evergreen Africa Project

The goat project is going from success to success. We have now given out a total of 120 goats, being the original 50 plus 70 returned kids that have been nurtured and given on to another beneficiary. In addition there is an unquantified number of additional kids and grandkids of these 120 bringing significant benefit to the beneficiaries.

Paul, Evergreen Africa’s founder visited 3 beneficiaries:


Zelezebiya – one of our original beneficiaries who is in great health now that her medical issues have been sorted out and who welcomed Paul into her new home literally with open arms.

Next was Freda who has proved very canny with the money she has raised through her goats – she has repaired her house and started a bean-growing enterprise. Between the goats and the beans she has managed to buy a cow.


Finally Camilla who has used the income from her goats to send the grandchildren to school and has started a business growing elephant grass to sell as animal fodder.

Very enterprising and tenacious ladies.