Goat Rearing Project

The goat project was initiated in 2015 and is aimed at widows and orphan-headed families.  Beneficiaries are trained in the care of goats and are given a pregnant female.  The resultant kid (usually one of twins) is returned to the project, nurtured and given to a further beneficiary.  The original female is then serviced by one of the project’s rams and the first beneficiary keeps the offspring from which they can generate an income.  The original female is then serviced again and again the beneficiary keeps the offspring.  Once there have been three successful pregnancies, use of the project’s ram costs a small sum which pays for the upkeep of the two rams, nurturing of the kids returned to the programme and payment of the goat-keeper.  The small contribution from Evergreen is a ‘bonus’ for the goat-keeper.

This project is a real success story, there are over 120 families who have benefitted from being given a goat and countless other goats, offspring of the originals, have added to the income generation capability of this project.

We will contribute £232 to the Goat Rearing Project in 2020